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    Go to the Shanghai Beauty Expo and open a new era of cooperation!

    发布时间:2024-05-20    浏览次数:135

    Dear customers and friends: Hello! We cordially invite you to attend the upcoming CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo from May 22 to 24, 2024. As a leading technology company in the industry, Sitaiyu Technology has always been committed to R&D and innovation, constantly breaking through technical bottlenecks, and providing customers with better products and services. In this exhibition, Si Tai Yu Technology will display its latest research and development achievements in an all-round way, including new products that lead the industry trend, cutting-edge technology applications and intimate service solutions. It is worth mentioning that Steyu Technology will demonstrate its unique perfect coating technology on site, which has been highly praised by the industry for its high precision, high efficiency and high stability. Through this exhibition, visitors will be able to experience the charm of this technology up close and learn more about its application prospects in the field of beauty and cosmetics. We firmly believe that this exhibition will bring you an unforgettable experience and let you deeply feel the latest development trends and technological achievements in the industry. Please look forward to further communication, and thank you for your attention and support!