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    Heat shrinking furnace

    Heat shrinking furnace


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    Introduction to the appearance of the heat shrinking furnace:




    Product Introduction:


    1. Combined with advanced shrinkage air transportation technology and improved with unique design and manufacturing, the air transportation is uniform and the shrinkage effect is good;


    2. Adopting U-shaped stainless steel heating pipes with heat dissipation fins, with long service life and high energy efficiency;


    3. The conveyor adopts a new type of roller, with an external silicone sleeve, which is resistant to high temperature, wear-resistant, non hot film, and deformation, and can be used for a long time;


    4. Electrical components such as switches and temperature controls are made of well-known components, which work stably and have a low failure rate;


    5. The conveying and air conveying motor adopts well-known components, with strong power and can work continuously for a long time;


    6. This machine can only be heated after air operation, and has a pre stop function to extend the service life of the machine;


    7. The control of this machine adopts PLC+HIM, and all parameters and settings are set on the touch screen. A three color light with a buzzer is installed, and abnormal alarm prompts appear;


    8. The front inlet and rear outlet of this machine are equipped with high-temperature resistant photocells, which can detect the quantity of incoming and outgoing products. If there are any abnormalities, an alarm should be given in a timely manner;


    9. This machine adopts an electric support rod to automatically flip the upper cover of the heat shrinking furnace by about 40 degrees, making it easy to handle and maintain abnormalities in the furnace chamber;


    10. This machine is equipped with a foreign object drawer, which can be manually cleaned regularly to remove foreign objects that have been transferred into the drawer;


    11. This machine is suitable for various types of shrinkage films such as PVC, PP, POF, etc.


    Applicable products:

    This machine is suitable for packaging the appearance of food, electronics, toys, bamboo and wood products, hardware tools, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, books, electrical appliances, and other products. After packaging, it has a beautiful appearance, moisture-proof, and anti damage effect. Improved product image and low packaging cost.  






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