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    Intelligent hidden line laminating machine

    Intelligent hidden line laminator

    Intelligent hidden line laminator


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    Equipment performance characteristics:

    • The equipment automatically packs POF shrink film on the surface of the product box, because POF shrink film has high transparency and good gloss, which can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve sensory awareness, and reflect high-grade;
    • The equipment fully automatic packaging POF shrink film can ensure the consistency and reliability of packaging quality;
    • The equipment fully automatic packaging POF shrink film is faster and better than the traditional manual wrapping film, which improves production efficiency, saves production costs and improves the company’s competitiveness;
    • The versatility of the device can be achieved by adjusting the servo drive bit parameters and manually adjusting the machine.


    Equipment technical parameters:

    Device model SKYAT-YX05



    Long/L 110mm~320mm and meet :

    L+2 · H+80


    Working height 900mm±50mm
    宽/W 50mm~150mm power supply Single phase AC220V 20A50HZ
    High/H 30mm~100mm Air source 0.5-0.7Mpa


    low speed 320Pcs~450Pcs <UPH according to product size) weight Approx. 1600Kg
    high speed 600Pcs~800Pcs <UPH according to product size)
    Product yield ≥98% Form factor 2550mm(L)× 1160mm(W)× 1850mm(H)

    Remarks: Equipment dimensions do not include heat shrink furnace dimensions [1800mm(L)×980mm(W)×1280mm(H])


    Sample diagram:

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