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    Auto parts automatic assembly machine

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:76

    Product Description:

    Auto parts automatic assembly machine, is through the non-standard automation technology, according to the customer’s production needs of the special formulation of automated production equipment.

    Advantages are: special formulation, fully meet the customer’s production needs.

    Automated equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

    Formulation process:

    1. Contact our company (Manager: 13828838551)

    2. Provide project specific requirements, or send samples to understand the customer’s products.

    3. We issue a brief project program.

    4. Both sides bargaining.

    5.After the program is determined, deliver the deposit, we start work to produce a detailed program.

    6.Manufacture and debugging installation.

    7.On-site commissioning and delivery.

    8.Settle the balance of payment and provide follow-up after-sales service.

    (The above picture is for reference only, to develop programs, the actual machine-based)

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