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    Solder Paste Printer

    Fully automatic printing machine

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    Comparison table of automatic printing machine parameter configuration
    Item project content
    1 Basic parameters Maximum PCB size 510*510mm
    Minimum PCB size 50X50mm
    PCB warpage The thickness of the substrate is 7mm
    Transfer direction Left-Right Right- Left Right- Right Left- Left
    Speed of transportation 1500mm/s(MAX),Program Control
    Scraper pressure 0~10Kg
    Cleaning method Three modes: dry, wet and vacuum
    Repeatable positioning accuracy 2Cmk@±10 microns@6sigma
    Print accuracy 2Cpk@±18 microns@6sigma
    Cycle Time
    (excluding printing and cleaning time)
    Changeover time <5Min
    Main gas supply 4~6 kg/cm2
    Main power supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 3KW
    Control method PC Control
    operating system Windows XP
    Machine dimensions 1320(W)X1690(W)X1525(H)mm
    Machine weight 1200Kg
    2 Feature configuration 2D detection capabilities Yes
    Automatic tinning function Yes
    Solder paste balance detection Yes
    Stencil mesh hole detection function Yes
    Automatic dispensing function Yes
    Barcode recognition function Yes
    Temperature and humidity control Yes
    UPS power failure protection Yes
    MES Systems (Industry 4.0) Yes


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