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    Automatic Intelligent Film Wrapping Machine

    Automatic Intelligent Film Wrapping Machine


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    Four corner sealing and cutting wrapping machine PK three-dimensional wrapping film

    Product Description:

    Intelligent Coating machine is used for all kinds of product box outer mold, anti-counterfeit type outer mold encapsulation.
    Adopting non-standard automation technology to complete the automatic sealing of product packaging boxes (automatic film wrapping machine).
    (Automatic film wrapping machine) encapsulation efficiency of 300-500 pieces / hour, significantly reducing labor costs.
    Ensure the quality of product encapsulation, the yield rate of 98.5% to make the packaging film cutting lines of excellent quality and precision.

    Applicable products:

    Medicine box, food box, health care box, cosmetic box, tea box and other high-grade products high-end packaging film. Mainly for a variety of high-grade products outer box packaging for the outer sleeve sealing and cutting shrink packaging. For example, cell phone box, cell phone battery box, mobile power box, data cable box, MP3\MP4, tablet PC and other products. The automatic wrapping packaging of the outer box plays the role of anti-theft, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, and at the same time to ensure the integrity of the inner image of the product.


    Hot-cutting bag-making – “into the bag and the product in place – “Push the box into the bag in place – “hot-cutting sealing – “hot-cutting four corners – “into the heat-shrink oven

    Parameters of film wrapping machine.

    1. Size: 2700*1250*1900 (LxWxH)
    2. Power: 4.5KW, 11KW (shrink oven)
    3. Maximum gas consumption: 100L/H
    4. Gas pressure range: 0.5-0.9MPA
    5.Voltage: 380V-50HZ

    Process parameters:

    2.Yield 98.5%

    Equipment application effect:

    After the equipment packaging products, more compact, but also make the product more transparent, to give consumers the most direct visual experience.(Automatic Film Wrapping Machine)

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