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    Remembering heroes and forging ahead

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    96 years ago, a gunshot rang at the head of Nanchang city
    A young political party
    Build a truly people’s army and ignite the prairie with a single spark



    August 1, 2023
    On August 1st, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army celebrated its 96th birthday!


    The great cause of building a military ignites a prairie fire


    96 years ago, a gunshot rang at the head of Nanchang city
    A young political party formed an army that truly belonged to the people, and from then on, it ignited a prairie fire


    The Origin of Army Day


    At 2am on August 1, 1927, various uprising armies launched an attack on the Nationalist army stationed in Nanchang. After more than four hours of fierce fighting, they annihilated more than 3000 enemies, seized more than 5000 firearms, over a million bullets, and several cannons, and occupied the city of Nanchang. In the morning of the same day, a joint meeting of the CPC Central Committee members, representatives of provinces, autonomous regions, special cities and overseas party departments was held in Nanchang, which adopted the Declaration of the CPC Central Committee, established the Revolutionary Committee of the CPC, adopted the Declaration of the August 1 Uprising and other documents, and put forward revolutionary slogans and platforms such as “overthrow imperialism”, “overthrow old and new warlords”, and “implement land to the tiller”.
    The Nanchang Uprising was an armed uprising with overall significance under the direct leadership of the CPC. It fired the first shot of armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactionaries, announced the firm position of the CPC to carry out the Chinese revolution to the end, and marked the beginning of the CPC’s independent creation of the revolutionary army and leadership of the revolutionary war. From then on, August 1st became the Army Day of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army and later the Chinese People’s Liberation Army


    The significance of the Army Day


    The Army Day is to commemorate the birth and arduous journey of the People’s Liberation Army, inspire the fighting spirit of soldiers to defend national territory and dignity, and also symbolize the honor, bravery, and glory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Whether in times of war or peace, it is often seen that being fearless in the face of life and death, putting career first and others first is a noble quality that we need to vigorously advocate and actively promote in our current era. The spirit of loyalty to the motherland, consideration for the overall situation, courage to take responsibility, and selfless dedication of the people’s army is worth learning from.


    August 1st Military Emblem


    The People’s Liberation Army of China, including the navy, land and air force, is mainly composed of the pentagram and August 1st. The navy emblem has a navy blue background color, which symbolizes the ocean. The emblem of the Air Force is sky blue, symbolizing the vast blue sky.


    August 1st Military Flag


    The military flag is red on the background, with five pointed stars representing the CPC, and the Nanjing Sports “August 1” represents the first shot of the Nanchang Uprising. The military flag is a symbol of the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China and also a symbol of the honor of the People’s Liberation Army.




    August 1st Army Song


    The military song of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, titled “March of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army”, was composed by Zhang Songru and Zheng Lucheng in 1939. On July 25, 1988, it was designated as the military anthem of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army by the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China. The lyrics of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army military song reflect the nature, mission, revolutionary spirit, and combat style of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.




    Because of you, the mountains and rivers are safe, and the years are quiet. The popular color in August is peace, and it is olive green. On August 1st Army Day, I pay tribute to you!