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    SKYAT Tour – Chengdu Machinery Exhibition

    发布时间:2023-08-10    浏览次数:133



    1. Western (Chengdu) Pharmaceutical Industry Expo
    Exhibition Background:
    Traditional Chinese medicine is a historical and cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, which has undergone thousands of years of development and made tremendous contributions to the health of the Chinese nation. With the deepening understanding of traditional Chinese medicine in the international community and the increasing demand for traditional Chinese medicine among the people, as well as the emergence of an aging society and the continuous strengthening of consumer health awareness, the demand for traditional Chinese medicine continues to rise. With the reform of the medical system, more consumers will enjoy comprehensive medical insurance, which will inevitably increase the consumption of traditional Chinese medicine products. Moreover, healthcare is closely related to personal health and is a continuously developing industry. With the development of the economy, the traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing industry will inevitably achieve long-term development.
    Traditional Chinese medicine processing equipment: washing machine, tablet cutting machine, pulverizer, dryer, sterilization equipment, bag packaging machine, pill making machine, granulator, decoction machine, extraction, thickener, testing equipment, etc;





    2、 Product aesthetic coating – four corner cutting coating machine




    Product Features
    1. After encapsulation, it has anti-counterfeiting, dustproof, and moisture-proof properties.
    2. Compared to traditional coating technology, the speed is faster and the quality is better, improving the company’s competitiveness;
    3. Improve product quality and reliability;
    4. The device can be universal by combining methods such as replacing modules and adjusting mechanisms.
    3、 On site gift giving
    At this exhibition, our company not only launched multiple products to help you solve production line problems, but also introduced small gifts to give to you who are visiting our booth.