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    Skyat Reacquired national level high-tech enterprise certification

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:105

    【Abstract】It is understood that STAY Technology was awarded the Certificate of High and New Technology Enterprise on November 21, 2016, which was jointly issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Shenzhen Finance Commission, Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau, Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau, and was recognized as a state-level high-tech enterprise. Deeply plowing into the field of automation, SYS TYC has been fully recognized by the national authority in product development and market, which further strengthens the comprehensive strength of SYS TYC.

    First, the certificate is not easy to come by

    STAY Technology, technological innovation as the core concept of enterprise development. Over the years, the independent development of automation software 6 sets, and successfully applied for software copyright, successfully applied for two invention patents, independent research and development of 0.1MM high-precision labeling technology, the successful development of high-quality “four corners of the cut” wrapping process technology.
    Several years of hard work, hard-won, high-tech enterprise certificate, for those who concentrate on technology research and development of the company, is really a real effort.

    National High-tech Enterprise Certificate of Shenzhen Stayu Technology Co.

    Science is an important internal driving force for development, and the certification of high-tech enterprise is an important measurement standard for judging the strength of an enterprise. High-tech enterprises generally refers to the state promulgated the “national key support for high-tech areas” within the scope of sustained research and development and transformation of technological achievements, the formation of the enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and as a basis for the development of business activities of residents of the enterprise, is knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entities.

    Second, the four corners of the sealing and cutting membrane process, the first enterprise

    Successful breakthroughs in film wrapping technology, so that STAY Technology into the top of the film wrapping industry. The successful development of the intelligent film wrapping machine is the first credit for obtaining the “National High-tech Enterprise”.

    Four corners sealing and cutting technology, solved the original L-shaped, cuffed, cold package, three-dimensional film wrapping process, “not compact, not beautiful,” the two major problems. Promote the further development of the film equipment industry.

    Third,Successful certification, great significance

    The award of “national high-tech enterprise” will encourage us to pay more attention to the scientific and technological innovation system, increase investment in scientific research projects, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enrich the innovation and development of enterprises, and provide strong technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises.

    Group photo of Staeward Technology

    For the R & D staff accounted for 60% of the company’s total number of people, the Steamboat, the high-tech enterprise certificate, the first to thank all members of the R & D team, and the country’s recognition of Steamboat Technology. I believe that in the future development of the road, the R & D team will be more diligent in the work of technological innovation.

    Fourth, continue to experience, science and technology to develop the country

    Detailed picture of Stayu Wrapping Machine

    The award of the national high-tech enterprise certificate means that the company’s business development has reached a new level, but also a higher starting point, in the future development, STAY Technology will continue to ensure customer satisfaction through the perfect R & D design and sales service, industry recognition, adhere to the forefront of high-tech industry, continue to work hard to innovate, to return to the community with high-quality products and services.

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