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    Talent recruitment


    Recruiting Numbers:2 people

    Work location: Sitaiyu High tech Park, No. 12 Longwangmiao Road, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

    Salary and benefits:Negotiable salar

    Release date :August 21, 2023

    valid period:Long term validity  Salary and benefits:Negotiable salar



    1. Familiar with the company’s agent brand products and equipment independently developed and produced by the company;

    2. Responsible for developing new customers, promoting products, expanding product sales scope, and achieving sales goals;

    3. Track delivery, acceptance, payment collection, and maintain loyal customers. Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and services;

    4. Over 20 years old, with a college degree or above (all eligible graduates are eligible);

    5. Outgoing, approachable, upright and hardworking, good at communication, able to withstand certain work pressure.

    Phone number: +86-(755)-27783009