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    L-shaped sealing and cutting

    Semi-automatic L-shape heat shrink packaging machine BTL-450+BM-500

    Semi-automatic L-shape heat shrink packaging machine BTL-450+BM-500


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    Product Usage:

    Suitable for large-volume shrink packaging in electronics, hardware, plastics, software, food, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics and other industries.

    Performance features:

    1. Anti-adhesive and high temperature resistant alloy “L” type sealing knife, sealing neatly without cracking, no scorching, no smoke.
    2. Teflon plated non-stick layer, sealing knife sealing and cutting without sticking to the film.
    3. After sealing and cutting, the products are automatically transported to the shrinking oven through the conveyor belt for shrinking and packaging.
    4. Manual crank wheel is easy to adjust the height of the conveyor belt.
    5.BTL-450A is equipped with manual and automatic conversion function, and it can run automatically according to the set time when it is automatic. The whole set of action is completed automatically by the cylinder, which greatly reduces the work intensity and improves the production efficiency.
    6. Double electromagnet suction sealing and cutting upper frame, increase the sealing pressure.
    7. Sliding film holder can place various specifications of shrink film (up to 550mm wide), smooth punching device.
    8. Sealing knife anti-overheating protection device.

    Technical parameters:

    Model  BTL-450  BM-500
    Maximum package size  (L+H)=500mm (W+H)=400mm (H)=200mm  (L)700×(W)450×(H)250mm
    Maximum sealing size  (L)550×(W)450mm (L)1200×(W)500×(H)300mm (furnace chamber size)
    Packing speed 800~1200 pieces/hour 30~50 packs/min
    Power supply and total power  220V/50Hz  1.2kw  380V/50Hz  12kw
    Use an air source  6kg/cm3  /
    Machine weight  125kg/135kg  220kg
    Machine dimensions  (L)1550×(W)750×(H)1050mm  (L)1350×(W)750×(H)1500mm
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