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    L-shaped sealing and cutting

    L type automatic heat shrink packaging machine BT450+BM500

    L type automatic heat shrink packaging machine BT450+BM500


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    Scope of application:

    L-type automatic heat shrink packaging machine is suitable for large-volume shrink packaging in software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceuticals, and flooring, ceramics, beverages, hardware and other industries.

    Performance Characteristics:

    BT450+BM500 is a fully automatic unmanned operation “L” type sealing and cutting machine, which is widely used in the flow operation of mass production packaging. High working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching device and manually adjustable film guide system and manually adjustable feeding conveyor platform. Suitable for different width and height of products, BT450+BM500 model also has the function of close splicing, which is specially designed for the packaging of small products.
    1. The sealing knife is made of DuPont Teflon coated anti-adhesive and high temperature resistant aluminum alloy knife, the sealing will not crack, will not be scorched, and will not be polluted by smoke.
    2. equipped with imported detection photoelectricity, horizontal, vertical detection of each group. Convenient to switch to choose, for the film and small packages, can easily complete the sealing Packaging operations. 3.
    3. automatic feeding, length can be automatically adjusted by the combination of electric eye and timer. Equipped with an induction motor to automatically roll up the waste material.
    4. When the size of package changes, it is very easy to adjust. No need to change the mold and bag maker.
    5. Different sizes of products can also be packaged together to achieve promotional effect.
    6. The temperature controller adopts the original “OMRON” digital display thermostat with built-in PID function, the temperature of sealing knife is extremely sensitive and precise, and can be set at will. No need to worry about
    There is no need to worry about the inaccuracy of the temperature hurting the products. The sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function, which effectively prevents the packages from being cut by mistake.
    7. The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with plexiglass protective cover and automatic alarm function. Greatly improve the safety of the operator.
    8. The whole set of machine really realizes the unmanned operation link with the production line.

    Technical Parameters

    型号 BT450
    Maximum packing size (L+H)=500mm (W+H)=430mm H=130mm
    Maximum sealing size (L)550mm*(W)450mm
    Packing speed 15-30 packages/minute
    Power supply and total power 220V/50Hz 1.3Kw
    Using air source 5.5KG/cm³
    Machine weight 300KG
    Machine size (L)1850mm*(W)1000*(H)1600
    型号 BM500
    Maximum package size (L)700mm*(W)450mm(H)250mm
    Chamber size (L)1200mm*(W)500mm(H)300mm
    Packing speed 130-50 packs/min
    Power supply and total power 380V/50Hz 12Kw
    Machine weight 220KG
    Machine external size (L)1350mm*(W)750*(H)1500