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    BESTDATA Furnace Temperature Tester

    BESTDATA Furnace Temperature Tester


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    Description:BESTDATA Furnace temperature tester is an imported brand from Taiwan, which is applicable to the oven temperature test of SMT/DIP electronic production process and a wide range of fields such as food, spraying, automobile, etc. It has powerful software functions and combines the advantages of DATAPAQ/KIC software. With powerful software functions, combined with the advantages of DATAPAQ/KIC software. Temperature measurement accuracy and resolution is comparable to DATAPAQ.


    -High efficiency, continuous storage of data 16 times, at the same time downloaded to the computer group analysis processing.

    -Using modular analysis mode, simple, fast analysis system can be based on PC (windows) and PDA (Pocket) for data analysis.

    -Low power consumption, the use of lithium battery power supply, continuous use of up to 30 hours or more, rapid charging can be used in 10 minutes.

    Communication mode adopts serial port, USB and wireless transmission, suitable for a variety of working environments and applications Multi-layer insulation protection, made of stainless steel, can cope with the toughest lead-free process and withstand harsh industrial environments.

    -Made of rigorous craftsmanship and accurate correction services, all corrections are used FLUKE-724 correction, and China’s largest calibration organization CTI partners, to ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable, small size and large storage capacity (230,400 data points), the use of 16MB FLASH memory chip, no accident will not lose data.

    BESTDATA Furnace Temperature Tester Host Introduction:

    Introducing the BESTDATA Furnace Temperature Tester Insulated Box:

    BESTDATA Furnace Temperature Tester Parameter Description
    Storage: 16MB
    Test channels: 6/10/12 channels
    Acquisition frequency: 0.05-30Min
    Accuracy: ±0.5℃
    Resolution: 0.1℃
    Operating voltage: DC3.7-4.2V
    Battery: 2000mAh
    Thermocouple type: K type
    Instrument power consumption: ≤10mAh
    Maximum internal working temperature: 80℃

    Service Commitment
    Since the purchase of the product within 12 months, to provide you with free warranty and software upgrades, annual maintenance services, product purchase within 30 days, there are any quality problems can be made unconditional return, replacement processing, free product use and calibration services.
    According to different product models and specifications, the technical parameters will be issued, due to the continuous development of products, therefore, the parameters and specifications are subject to change without notice, please prevail in kind.
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