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  • Furnace temperature tester

    SKYAT Furnace Temperature Tester

    SKYAT Furnace Temperature Tester


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    SKYATFurnace temperature testerFeatures:

    High efficiency, continuous storage of data 16 times, and at the same time downloaded to the computer group analysis and processing;

    Modular analysis mode, simple, fast analysis system can be based on PC (windows) and PDA (Pocket) for data analysis.

    Low power consumption, the use of lithium battery power supply, continuous use of up to 30 hours or more, rapid charging can be used in 10 minutes.

    Communication mode using serial port, USB and wireless transmission, suitable for a variety of working environments and applications Multi-layer thermal protection, stainless steel refined to deal with the most stringent lead-free process and withstand harsh industrial environments

    Rigorous process level accurate calibration services, all calibration are used FLUKE-724 calibration, and China’s largest calibration organization CTI partners, to ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable, small size and large storage capacity (230400 data points), the use of 16MB FLASH memory chip, any accident will not be lost.

    SKYAT Furnace Tester hardware brief introduction:

    Sampling frequency as fast as 0.05S (0.05s ~ 30min)

    All industrial components, to ensure that the use of different environments

    Adopt full isolation and anti-interference technology Such as: UV furnace, 50Hz static interference

    Intelligent analysis function (DX series)

    When the instrument is enabled intelligent analysis function, the instrument measurement after the acquisition of data, the instrument internal automatic analysis of the measurement results are OK/NG, D3 indicator light green/red.

    Ceramic Processing Surface Coating Food Baking Food Baking SMT Reflow DIP Wave Soldering

    SKYAT oven temperature tester analysis software system, is a set of efficient, convenient, fast, easy to operate analysis software, applied to SMT / DIP electronic production process of the oven temperature test and food, spraying, ceramics, automotive and other wide range of fields, it’s modular structure design makes the customer can be freely selected according to their own needs, the software’s analysis functions are as follows:

    Curve Fitting Function

    Curve merging function

    SPC analysis function

    Real-time measurement function

    Curve tolerance band function

    Curve modification and alignment function

    Horizontal and vertical line drawing function

    Curve data import and export function

    Curve data export PDF, EXCEL function

    Record the temperature of each point and reflect it through the curve

    Slope and time change between any two points

    Change of slope and time above or below the temperature of any point

    Accurately reflect the maximum, minimum, average temperature and standard deviation and can be

    Alarm setting for each part, detailed wave soldering analysis process.


    SKYAT Oven Tester Main Unit Introduction:

    SKYAT Oven Tester Thermal Barrier Box Series Introduction:

    SKYAT Furnace Temperature Tester Parameters Introduction:

    memorizer 16MB
    Test the channel 6/10/12 channels
    Acquisition frequency 0.05~30Min
    precision ±0.5℃
    resolution 0.1℃
    Temperature measurement range -40℃~1370℃
    Operating voltage DC3.7~4.2V
    battery 2000mAh
    Thermocouple type Type K
    Instrument power consumption ≤10mAh
    Internal maximum operating temperature 80℃

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