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    Top 3 Quality Process: Skyat Wins the Championship!

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:103

    TOP1: Intelligent film wrapping machine

    Reason for the list: four corners sealing and cutting, cutting and sealing the mouth beautifully, compact film wrapping effect.
    Film wrapping effect picture:

    Intelligent Wrapping Machine Sample

    Applicable products: High-end digital product box, medicine box, food box, health product box, cosmetic box, tea box and other high-grade product box wrapping film. It is mainly used for the outer packaging of various high-grade product boxes for film sealing and contraction packaging. For example, cell phone box, cell phone battery box, mobile power box, data cable box, MP3, MP4, flat panel and other products, the outer box of the automatic film wrapping packaging, play a role in anti-theft, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, and at the same time to ensure that the product’s inner image of the integrity.

    TOP2: Three-dimensional film wrapping machine

    Reason: no sealing and cutting, beautiful appearance of the film, film wrapping effect is more compact
    Film wrapping effect picture:

    3D Wrapping Machine Sample

    Applicable products: Widely used in the packaging of various single large box items or the collection film packaging of multiple small box items (with gold drawstring) in the industries of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery items, poker, audio-visual products and so on.

    TOP3: Sleeve type sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine

    Reason for the list: compact film wrapping effect, more beautiful, convenient
    Film wrapping effect picture:

    Sample of Sleeve Type Wrapping Machine

    Applicable products: for beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles. Tape bottles and other round products without support sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging.

    TOP4:L-type sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine

    Reason for listing: compact film wrapping effect
    Film wrapping effect picture:

    L-shaped sealing and cutting film wrapping machine samples

    Applicable products: adapted to printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics and other mass production industries.

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