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    Apple phones fake but still make it on the TOP list!

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:109

    3.15 Latest Fake Cell Phone Data

    Latest data on 2017 fake cell phones (3 out of 100 units are fake)

    LuMaster data center in Q1 2017 (as of March 10th), completed 2,851,623 phone inspections, detected 87,541 fake phones, and detected a total of 67,540 fake phones.

    Ranking of fake phone models

    How can Apple and Huawei prevent theft and burglary?

    Improving the cost of counterfeiting is the right way
    Apple, Huawei in the outer packaging is how to improve the cost of counterfeiting.
    The editorial specializes in walking to the offline brick and mortar stores to see what a new phone looks like when it is not unpacked. Off did a little comparison.
    Huawei four corners cut wrap PK ordinary L-type seal cut wrap (Note, according to the four corners cut intelligent wrap equipment manufacturers Si Taiyu A gentleman revealed that such equipment, the cost of 35-1 million / unit.) General small fake team, no strength to do fake. Apple, Huawei is the first batch of TOP-level four-corner sealing and cutting film wrapping process
    Huawei four-corner sealing and cutting wrapping film

    A cell phone brand L-shaped sealing and cutting wrap

    Labeled, not wrapped film. Or no labeling without film.
    The following picture
    Labeling, not wrapped film (the following picture is only for the expression of the meaning, not the real thing)

    No labeling, no film wrapping

    As you can see, the cost of labeling is such that a small workshop can do it. The cost of counterfeiting is low, and the phenomenon of using used cell phones to pass off as good is even more so.

    To summarize, the application of high and new technology in every part of the product, so that the increase in cost. To reduce the number of fake products, this is the right way.

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