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    Offline Full Inspection High Speed 3D SPI T-3010a

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:49

    Product Features.
    ◆ Programmable Structure Grating (PSLM), which realizes the software regulation of the grating.
    ◆Synchronized diffuse reflection patented technology eliminates the effect of shadows.
    ◆Support 450x360mm PCB inspection.
    ◆High-sphere number 1.3 million pixels industrial camera, precision grade screw guide to ensure mechanical accuracy.
    ◆ Accurate measurement of volume, area, height, XY offset, bridging and other items.
    ◆Automatic inspection of the whole board and automatic path optimization.
    ◆Fast inspection and automatic classification for defective solder paste.
    ◆ 6~8 times sampling, reliability, high precision inspection results.
    ◆ Equipment repeatability accuracy <<10% (6σ)
    ◆Automatic elimination of board bending influence.
    ◆ Powerful process control software (SPC).
    ◆ Manual Teach function copes with inspection when no Gerber file is available.
    ◆ Upgradeable to automatic Gerber file import programming.
    ◆ Five-minute programming and one-button operation.

    Technical Parameters: ◆ Measurement Principle: 3D Programmable
    ◆Measuring principle: 3D programmable structure grating phase modulation profile measurement technology (3D white light PSLM PMP)
    ◆Measurement items: Volume, Area, Height, XY Offset, Shape
    ◆ Detection of defective types: Leakage, less tin, more tin, high height, low height, consecutive tin, off-set, bad shape.
    ◆ FOV size: 26 x 20 mm
    ◆Accuracy: XY Position: 10um; Height: 1um
    ◆Repeatability: Height: <1um (4σ); Volume: <1% (5σ)
    ◆Detection speed: 1.5 sec/FOV
    ◆Mark point detection time: 1 sec/pcs
    ◆Maximum Measuring Height: ±350um (Standard); ±1200um (Option)
    ◆Maximum Measuring Height of Bending PCB M: ±5mm
    ◆Minimum pad pitch: 100um (on 150um solder paste height)
    ◆Minimum measurement size: rectangle (Rectangle): 150um; circle (Circle): 200um
    ◆ Maximum PCB size: 700 x 600 mm
    ◆Engineering Statistics: Histogram; Xbar-R Chart; Xbar-S Chart; CP & CPK; %Gage Repeatability Data; SPI Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
    ◆ Read Test Position: Support Gerber` Format (274x, 274d) Format; Teach by Manual
    ◆ Operating system support: Windows 7 (32 bit) Professional
    ◆Equipment specification: 1500 x 1100 x 600mm; 145KG

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