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    In-Line Soldering Iron Soldering Robot

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:69

    Product features:

    1. Self-developed control software, easy to learn and use, touch screen intuitive operation.
    2. Can be connected with the front and rear processes
    3. Carrier automatic reflow
    4. Each workstation can be separated and spliced for flexible combination of different products, also convenient for subsequent increase of soldering stations.

    Product parameters:

    Model: LHCX-A-441R
    Overall dimensions: 750mmX800mmX2050mm
    Motion mode: servo motor, precision screw
    Control mode: special motion controller + PLC touch screen + teaching box
    X-axis movable range: X = 380mm
    Y1, Y2 axis movable range: Y = 380mm
    Z, R axis can move range: Z = 80mm R = 360 °.
    PCB size: 50*50mm~380*380mm
    Maximum speed of movement:X、Y1/Y2 axis 600mm/sec
    Z-axis maximum speed:400mm/sec
    Maximum speed of R-axis motion: 300°/sec
    Repeatability: X,Y-axis ±0.02mm
    Z-axis repeatability: ±0.02mm
    R-axis repeatability: ±0.05°.
    Memory capacity: 256MB (1000 files)
    Applicable tin wire range: Φ0.6mm~Φ1.2mm
    Temperature setting range: 0-550°C
    Temperature control precision: ±1℃
    Chrome iron power: 150W
    Weight: 300Kg
    Air pressure: 4~5kg/c㎡

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