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    Why doesn’t the cutter cut through clear film?

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:109

    Film wrapping equipment are required to support the shrink machine

    Wrapping film equipment is often used in conjunction with the shrink machine, whether it is a four-corner cut wrapping machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, L-type sealing and cutting shrink machine, cuff-type packaging machine, need to be accompanied by shrink machine.
    Shrinking Machine

    Cutter is the key

    Cutting knife is the primary part of sealing and cutting machine, also is the fragile parts, sealing is not flat, cut without film are cut knife damage. So the maintenance method of cutter is very important, not only can reduce the frequency of cutter replacement but also can further improve the production efficiency.
    Cutting knives

    Conservation methods

    1. After daily operation, the blade must be used to steel wire brush, film remover for finishing, maintenance, movement parts must often add lubricants.
    High temperature lubricants

    2. Blade contact surface that silicone strips should be protected, if you find the outer layer of high-temperature paint cloth baking damage, should be replaced immediately.
    High temperature paint cloth

    3. sealing and cutting blade replacement, loosen the sealing and cutting knife fixed clamp, remove the sealing and cutting knife, clean knife groove (pay attention to not damage the knife groove, you can use a section of the replacement of the old blade as a finishing tool), installed on the new blade, placed in the groove and pressed, the two ends of the blade fixed in the blade fixed clamps, tightening the taut springs, fixing screws.

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