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    knowledge document

    Eight items of attention!

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:103

    1, the power supply function needs to be greater than 11KW

    My company wrapping machine, supporting the heat shrink machine, because of the consumption of power is very large, so the input power supply power must be greater than the nominal power on the nameplate of the shrink machine, otherwise it is easy to burn the line or electrical components. (Input power needs to be > 11KW)

    2, grounding wire

    Must be grounded to protect personal safety.

    Each heat shrink machine is shipped with a cable connected to the power supply, the end lead part with the power supply identification symbols, must be correctly connected, unauthorized operation may lead to electric shock.

    4, three-phase four-wire system

    When the heat shrink packaging machine specified voltage is three-phase 380V power supply, you must also enter the zero line, that is, the standard three-phase four-wire system. Otherwise the machine can not work properly, and it is very easy to burn the internal electrical components.

    5, horizontal installation

    service life of the electric heater. For the mesh belt conveyor machine, its tilted installation will lead to the conveyor belt off-center.

    6, March a check

    When used continuously for more than three months, the temperature-resistant wires in the shrinkage chamber should be inspected and replaced as appropriate according to their degree of aging.


    When working, the operator’s palms and other parts are not allowed to contact with the running parts of the machine, especially the temperature inside the shrinkage chamber is extremely high, it is easy to burn.

    8, turn off the heat source first, and then wait 10 minutes

    Packaging work is over, you should first turn off the heating switch, let the conveyor motor and fan motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the entire power supply.

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