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    Two problems that occur with 80% of shrinks!

    发布时间:2023-08-06    浏览次数:88

    Shrinkage machine common problems and ways to remove shrinkage machine is a hot product on the market in recent years, most of the products are gradually shrink film to replace the carton to save money on packaging.
    However, my company’s “four corners cut” Coating machine, for the high-end film products, also need to use the shrink machine. But the common problems are the same.

    The following are the common problems of shrinkage machine and processing methods:

    Phenomenon 1:

    No heating phenomenon in the shrinkage oven
    No heating in shrink oven

    This situation may have five conditions

    1. poor contact heating switch, interchangeable switch (40A)

    2.indoor wire aging short circuit, interchangeable switch (40A)

    3. electric heating pipe wire head is not solid or electric heating pipe damage

    4. Transformer damage, exchange (220V / 100A)

    5. Damage to the thermocouple, swap


    Phenomenon 2:

    Transmission motor does not turn
    Transmission motor does not rotate

    1. motor switch failure, this is the easiest to identify the cause, the treatment method is also very simple, a new one can be.

    2. speed control board is bad, interchangeable

    3. bad potentiometer, swap (150K / 2WA)

    4. Hot air switch is damaged, swap

    5. Motor damage, swap

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