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    heat shrink packaging PK vacuum packaging

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    The difference between heat shrink packaging and vacuum packaging process
    A: The main difference lies in the application.

    Heat shrink packaging applications:

    Mainly used on products that need to be wrapped to prevent moisture. (Click to view the four corners of the cut cell phone box wrapping process – Coating machine)

    Shrink Wrapping Application

    Vacuum packaging applications:

    Mainly used in the need to “inhibit the propagation of bacteria, to avoid oxidation, mold and rot” of food.

    Vacuum Packaging Application

    The following is the principle of the two products:

    Heat Shrink Packaging Principle:

    Shrink machine is through the shrink film heating, so that the shrink film tightly fit on the product, he can not only achieve the function of moisture, but also make the product more beautiful.

    Vacuum packaging principle:

    It is composed of vacuum system, pumping and sealing system, hot pressure sealing system, electrical control system and so on. Vacuum packaging machine is the bag into a low vacuum, immediately after the automatic sealing, due to the high degree of vacuum inside the bag, the residual air is very little, can reduce the size of the package, easy to transport and storage.

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